Payment Protection Policy

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However, if you decide not to travel and stay at the property because you would prefer not to at that time, you may lose your deposit. We will do our best to ensure that this does not happen and that you receive a credit note towards a future booking. Ts&Cs apply.

If your terms and conditions in the booking details allow free cancellation, you can cancel for free.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

What is Payment Protection?

Our Payment Protection Policy allows you peace of mind and enables you to relax and look forward to your holiday. We will offer you a refund if you cannot enter the property because it is inaccessible or because access is denied.

When paying, check the web address starts with, before entering any bank details.

If you have got any concerns about whether your booking is safe, email us at

Who is covered?

Anyone who pays the deposit and balance by credit card or bank transfer through our payment platform.

What types of losses are covered?

This payment protection covers payment losses as a direct result of inability to access your rental property (bankruptcy, double booking) or wrongful withholding of security deposits.

What losses are excluded?

If it's not specifically included in the covered losses above, then they are excluded. Here are a few examples of losses that are not covered: payments made in cash or instant transfers that cannot be verified (i.e. Western Union or Moneygram); payments to relatives; losses that are out of our control such as natural disasters, weather, theft, bodily injury or criminal activity; losses associated with a breach of the rental agreement or cancellation guarantee; and any travel related losses other than the property rental costs (i.e. reimbursement for flights, rental cars, other travel expenses). Also, any indirect losses and losses relating to a booking which has subsequently been cancelled are excluded.

We will not refund where suitable, alternative accommodation has been accepted by you or where security deposits or other funds are not returned due to damage or non-compliance with the booking and cancellation terms and conditions.

What is necessary to process a reimbursement claim?

Although it’s very rare for something to go wrong, if you’re unable to gain access to the property please discuss the situation with the local property manager or property owner to ensure that all efforts to resolve the matter have been exhausted. Next, the person who made the booking, needs to email or call +44 7821 324263 within 6 hours of arriving at the property. If we do not receive any contact after this time, we will assume that you are checked in and have accessed the property without issue.

We shall complete the refund claim process in a reasonable time frame, generally within four weeks and we will keep you informed of any decisions or additional documentation that is required to process your claim.

All refund claims, documentation requirements and eligibility decisions shall be made by Naples Villas in its sole discretion and its decisions shall be final and binding on you.

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