Important information

Is our marriage legally recognised in the Italy?

Yes, Naples Villas' overseas weddings are registered and legally recognised in Italy. If you do not live permanently in the UK, please check with your own local authorities. If you are not a British Passport holder, in exceptional circumstances additional documentation and translations may be required, you should also contact your own national authorities to ensure the validity of your wedding. Our wedding packages are designed for couples who are booking a complete Naples Villas' holiday. If the legal requirements or paperwork changes, we will advise you.

Can we change our wedding date after we have booked?

Yes, simply let us know and we will try to change your date, if we are able to, there is a small cancellation fee charge for each wedding date change, to cover administration costs. To cancel a wedding the charges are as follows: prior to 61 days before departure - £200, 60-28 days - £400, less than 27 days - 100% of wedding package price.(For all weddings, including Free weddings).Cancellation or amendment charges will apply, as per the package agreement.

Can we invite guests to our wedding?

Yes, this is a very popular way to get married overseas. Simply let us know how many guests will be attending, and we will be pleased to book their holidays.

You may also require additional items such as more wine, a larger wedding cake or perhaps extra buttonholes and/or bouquets, extra costs will be payable in resort. If the wedding couple are staying at an All Inclusive resort, guests not staying at the same hotel will need to buy a one day pass to attend the ceremony, certain number, gender and age restrictions may apply. If guests cancel, cancellation charges may apply.

How do we transport our wedding outfits on the flights?

We recommend wedding outfits should be packed in 'hard' suitcases and they will be placed in the hold of the aircraft. You may wish to contact your airline for further information. Although what you choose to wear for your wedding is of course a personal choice.

When can we be married?

In Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, your wedding ceremony may be conducted any day. All weddings are subject to availability of local staff, wedding location and bank holidays.

Can we tell our friends and family our wedding date?

Yes, in unusual circumstances there is a possibility your wedding date could change. For example, if the Celebrant has to change his schedule or maybe because of adverse weather etc or other unforeseen circumstances. Please be aware of this, if your family and friends are planning to attend your wedding, or produce stationery or gifts showing your wedding date, or if you are having jewellery etc engraved.

Where will our wedding take place?

Generally, your ceremony will take place in the gardens of the resort/villa/hotel where you are staying. The venue wedding co-ordinator will show you the locations, there may also be a wedding gazebo at the hotel, you can often have photos taken on the beach after your ceremony. If your wedding is booked to take place in a public area, this will be re-confirmed with you while you are on holiday, subject to local regulations and weather. We have no control over and may not be made aware of renovations planned to take place in public areas.

How do we book optional extras?

When you have booked your holiday, we will send you a questionnaire and a price guide which asks for all the information we need to arrange your wedding. This is the best time to let us know which optional extras are required, you can re-confirm these before your on holiday. There are many extras available in most resorts and we have listed them in your price guide sent with your wedding forms. Prices for guidance only. The prices for optional extras offered in the package will vary from resort to resort. Payment for any extras which are not included in the cost of your wedding should be made locally (prices are subject to change locally without notice).

Can we have more than one copy of the marriage certificate?

Yes, copies can be obtained by taking the original marriage certificate to your solicitor who will certify copies for you. We strongly recommend you do this, and place a copy with your solicitor or bank for safe keeping. If possible, please also check the details before leaving your resort. If extra copies are required later, there will be a charge.Generally, your original marriage certificate will be sent to you within four months.

In Europe, you will be required to have your documents legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London. Legalisation will follow upon having any of your documents certified. Naples Villas will give you details if this is required. This document can be obtained from a Notary Public, who can usually be found through a solicitor's office. The document itself should detail information that is relevant to you, and address the needs of the authorities in your chosen destination. For example, the document should explain that you are free to marry whilst there, and confirm your marital status. Once you have made your reservation with us, we will provide an example that will help you. Costs may vary considerably from solicitor to solicitor. The solicitors office will need to sign and stamp the affidavit.

Certificate of no impediment

This is a document, required in Italy, which states that there is no known impediment to your proposed marriage. These certificates vary in the length of time they are valid for (sometimes just for a few months), so it is important to check the requirements which apply to your circumstances. Please also be aware that a Certificate of No Impediment may be insufficient on its own to allow a marriage to take place in a foreign country. This certificate is prepared by the Superintendent Registrar at the Register Office in the area in which you live. The cost of this certificate is £40 per person (approx) - you will need to take various identification documents with you to this appointment, which will be explained to you by the receptionist. Subject to there being no complications, the actual Certificate of No Impediment will be issued between 17 and 23 days after your appointment.

Registering the wedding

A marriage which took place abroad under foreign local law cannot be registered in the UK, however, a record of the marriage may be lodged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office via the General Register Office, (telephone 0151 471 4801) by depositing an original marriage certificate: this only applies to certain countries and where it is possible a fee will be required. This means that, in future, a marriage certificate could be issued by the General Register Office here, should the need arise.

Certified documents

These can be provided by a solicitor who is legally granted to carry out this process.

An original document will always be required by the solicitor to copy e.g. an original birth certificate. This will be photocopied, stamped and signed by a solicitor, indicating that it is a true copy of an original document. In the event that you are required to provide certified copies, we would ask that any signatures obtained from your solicitor are given in red or blue ink. This will help the overseas authorities and ensure that certified copies are not mistaken for a photocopy.

Decree absolute

Where a party is divorced (or their marriage has been annulled) documents to prove the dissolution or annulment must be provided. Once a divorce or annulment has been made final, the court will send you a Decree Absolute, which will bear a red or embossed court seal. This decree must bear the court stamp, as without it your wedding may not take place. In some countries, couples who have divorced cannot re-marry until a full 12 months have passed since divorcing.

Wedding & holiday - advance registration

We recommend you register your holiday online with us now by emailing your details to, particularly if you are planning to travel over peak dates.

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