Terms & Conditions

General Rental Agreement

1) The properties are intended for holiday rentals and are furnished and equipped to accommodate the number of occupants indicated on the confirmation details.

2) All bookings are made with Naples Villas. Bookings can be made online, via email or telephone. If the property requested is available, Naples Villas will make a provisional booking and put the property on hold it for a maximum of 3 days. A deposit is due to secure the booking. Upon receipt of payment, Naples Villas will send the tenant the confirmation details. If the deposit is not received within 2 days, the property will no longer be kept on hold.

3) The balance for the rental property must be paid in full prior to arrival (see booking confirmation for full details). If the balance is not paid within 2 days of due date, Naples Villas reserves the right to cancel the booking, retain the deposit and apply cancellation charges (see numbers 10 and 11). For some bookings, the deposit (and the balance if applicable) is not refundable. Please see the cancellation policy provided at the time of the booking for further details. Prices are quoted and charged in Euros. If you wish to pay in a different currency, the respective currencies will be calculated on the day the booking is confirmed. Naples Villas will calculate the exchange rate for the balance on the day the balance is due.

4) Payment can be made either by Credit Card (subject to charges), unless a discount has been applied, (all major credit cards accepted) directly online using our secure payment or by bank transfer. Please note that if the tenant decides to pay by bank transfer, the tenant must send a copy of proof of payment if the payment will take more than 2 days.

5) Once the deposit has been paid, this is an acceptance by both the tenant and Naples Villas of the obligation to respect the terms and the general rental conditions shown in this document.

6) Although the property is on hold, we cannot confirm the booking until we have received the deposit. Please do not book your flights or car hire until we have sent you the booking confirmation details, which will arrive after the first payment has been received.

7) CHECK-IN is between 16.00 and 20.00 and CHECK-OUT is by 10:00, unless otherwise stated in the confirmation details. Any delays or variations to these times must be agreed upon with Naples Villas at least 48 hours before arrival. No refunds will be given if the tenant is unable to take up residence of the property on the expected day or at the scheduled time due to travel or health problems. The same rule applies to early departures.

8) The confirmation details and voucher will contain the property address, contact details for the owner or local agent and any costs to be paid on the premises. Upon arrival, the tenant is obliged to present a valid passport or identity card for the registration of all occupants of the rental property as required by Italian law.

9) Itineraries and directions will be sent prior to arrival. This will include information on how to reach the property or arrive at the meeting point.

10) Once the tenant has paid the deposit, in the event of cancellation, please see your booking confirmation details which you accepted and agreed at the time of the booking.  However, if the deposit is stated as ‘not refundable’ above and /or on the confirmation details and/or on 3rd party websites, this does not apply and the full deposit is not refundable. If you accept a discounted rate/special offer for your booking, the deposit is not refundable.

11) Once the tenant has paid the balance, in the event of cancellation, please see your booking confirmation details which you accepted and agreed at the time of the booking. However, if the balance is stated as ‘not refundable’ above and /or on the confirmation details and/or on 3rd party websites, this does not apply and the full balance is not refundable. If you accept a discounted rate/special offer for your booking, the balance is not refundable. If the balance is due on arrival, the deposit will not be refunded. These cancellation conditions apply unless otherwise stated in the confirmation details/on the confirmation voucher. No cancellation insurance is available through Naples Villas.

12) Although it is unlikely that Naples Villas will have to make any changes to confirmed bookings, it does occasionally happen, in this case, Naples Villas will advise the tenant at the earliest possible date. If, for any unforeseen circumstances, Naples Villas is unable to provide the tenant with the property s/he has already booked, Naples Villas will offer the tenant an alternative property of comparable or superior standard. However, if this is not possible or the tenant does not wish to be transferred, Naples Villas will cancel the booking and refund the total amount paid. If, in an event beyond Naples Villas’ control, the property is uninhabitable, Naples Villas reserves the right to cancel the contract and return the total amount paid. In the case of extra services not included in the rental price, Naples Villas cannot be held responsible for any variations in the prices.

13) Naples Villas has taken great care to ensure the accuracy of all information regarding our properties. The descriptions and photographs on the website are honest and present a fair and accurate picture. As they are private properties, they do not have standards or categories that are internationally recognized, the evaluations given by Naples Villas do not reflect official evaluations.

14) Rental bookings made through Naples Villas are understood to be carried out on behalf of the property owner and, although prepared with the upmost care, the descriptions and photographs of the properties are indicative, and may be subject to alterations which will be communicated to the tenant at the time of confirmation or as soon as the changes have been made (if this is after booking confirmation and before arrival). Naples Villas does not accept responsibility for variations or modifications which have been made without our knowledge.

15) If you are dissatisfied on arrival at the property, you need to make this clear at the time of check-in.  If you choose to stay at the property, you will not be entitled to any refund. Once you have checked in and stayed for the first night, you need to inform us straight away of any issues.

16) Naples Villas is not liable for any accidents or injuries which take place at the property. This responsibility lies with the property owner and would need to be disputed with him/her directly. The local property manager/owner should be informed immediately of any accidents or issues regarding safety and welfare at the property. Incidents or accidents (including any damage to the property or breakages) must be reported at the time and dealt with before check out, as disputes cannot be handled afterwards.

17) For the entire duration of the stay, the tenant is responsible for any property s/he has rented and it is in his/her care. The tenant is also responsible for the proper conduct of all occupants of the rental property and for leaving the property clean and in good order. Under no circumstances should the number of persons in the party exceed those specified in the confirmation details/on the confirmation voucher. The owners and local agents are authorised to refuse entry and/or to request those occupants in excess of the maximum rental capacity (as specified in the confirmation details/on the confirmation voucher) to leave the property.

18) Naples Villas does not wish to have dissatisfied tenants. In the event of any problems during the stay, the tenant must immediately inform the owner or the local agent. Also, you must inform us in writing via email so that we have a written record of the issue. If they are unable to solve the problem, the tenant must contact Naples Villas immediately by phone on +44 7821 324 263 or by email on: customerservice@naplesvillas.co.uk. This will give Naples Villas the opportunity to solve the problem during the stay. If the tenant leaves the rental property without giving the necessary time or information to Naples Villas to solve the problem, s/he will lose any right to a refund. In the unlikely event that the problem cannot be solved during the stay, and if the tenant wishes to take the matter up with Naples Villas on her/his return, a letter must be sent recorded delivery within ten working days of the tenant's return. Complaints which are not made during the rental period or after 10 working days of the tenant’s departure will not be accepted. Any amendments to the voucher, upon your arrival, must also be communicated immediately in writing via email.

19) The tenant is obliged to pay the refundable breakages/damage deposit in cash Euros upon arrival, unless indicated differently at the time of booking, otherwise the owner/local agent of the property is entitled to refuse entry. The damage/breakages deposit will be refunded on your departure or within two weeks of the tenant’s departure, subject to satisfactory property inspection. Any damage or breakages will be deducted from this deposit. Any additional charges to be paid on site (as specified in the confirmation details/on the confirmation voucher) will also be deducted from this deposit. Please follow the instructions provided of how and when to dispose of your waste/rubbish. If this is not done correctly, you will be fined €100. This will be deducted from your refundable breakages deposit.

20) Even when the tenant must pay the final cleaning costs on the premises, the tenant is obliged to leave the property in a clean and tidy state otherwise there may be further cost deductions above and beyond those already owed.

21) The owner/local agent reserves the right to access the property for the maintenance of the external areas during the tenant’s stay. The owner/local agent reserves the right to access the property for urgent, essential maintenance of internal areas during the tenant's stay. The owner/agent will endeavour to contact the tenant to inform them beforehand.  

22) The dates for the use of the swimming pool and/or sports facilities are indicated in the description of each property. If not stated, please ask. In the case of particularly bad weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, these may be varied for reasons that are not our responsibility and beyond Naples Villas' control.

23) In accordance with the regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (Text with EEA relevance) on the protection of privacy and on the processing of personal data, Naples Villas declares that tenant's personal data will be used only for reasons connected with the booking and future Naples Villas’ offers.

24) From arrival to departure, property owners will assume all responsibility for their properties including: cleanliness, safety, structure, insurance, facilities and upkeep. We will do our best to ensure all the facilities such as electricity and appliances are working correctly. If not, we will endeavour to resolve these issues as soon as you have notified us. In the event that these issues cannot be resolved quickly, the owner will take over this responsibility.

25) Properties that are advertised as having Internet connections or WiFi allow you to connect to the Internet and go online.

  • If the property has a WiFi hotspot for you to connect your own WiFi device; you will need to know how to establish the WiFi connections from your device, as the owner or caretaker of the property is not be expected to be technically skilled;
  • If the property has an Ethernet LAN port for you to plug in your laptop; please bring the necessary cables and be sure that you know how your device requires the connection to be established, as the owner or caretaker of the property is not be expected to be technically skilled;
  • If the property has a broadband Internet connection and a personal computer to connect to the Internet; you may or may not be able to connect your own device. This will depend on your device and the computer hardware available on the premises.
  • If you are choosing a property based on the availability of broadband Internet or WiFi, please be aware that there might be times when the internet connection is poor or unavailable. The owners will do their best to help but please do remember that you are renting a holiday property and not an office. In other words, neither the property owners nor Naples Villas are able to guarantee internet connection.

26) In the event of storms, flooding, landslides, earthquakes or any other severe weather conditions or natural disasters beyond our control, neither Naples Villas nor the property owner can be held responsible for any damage to clients or their possessions. Nor are Naples Villas or the owner liable for failure or delay resulting from a condition beyond reasonable control including, but not limited to, acts of God, government, terrorism, natural disaster, labour conditions or power failures. We will do our best to rectify any loss to electricity, Internet or services as soon as possible but cannot be held responsible if this does not happen immediately. In such cases, we cannot provide any refunds.

27) Please do not feed any stray animals (such as cat or dogs) as this will encourage them to return to the property and they may not be welcomed by future guests. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any insects, including mosquitoes, flies and ants. We recommend not leaving any food around which will encourage them. Also, we recommend using outdoor rubbish bins to dispose of your waste (if available). However, please notify us if you have any problems with this regard and we will do our best to help. In the event that these issues cannot be resolved quickly, the owner will take over this responsibility.

28) A question that we are frequently asked is "how far is this property from...". We list approximate distances to give you an idea. When discussing distances, it is important to note that there is not just one distance between any two points. A distance can be measured along the shortest route, the fastest route, a footpath etc.

In an effort to offer you accurate information, we use a computer system to calculate the distance along the "optimal" route. As anyone who has used a GPS navigation system knows, "optimal" does not always mean "best". We have found that the approximate distances are pretty good for most purposes, with a few exceptions. The exceptions are due to the fact that country roads are not always in good condition therefore you can't drive there and need to take a longer, alternative route.

While all the information on our website is published in good faith, given the above we are not able to guarantee that any specific distance we list is fit for any particular purpose. Should the distance from your villa to any destination be of upmost importance in making your choice, please do check with us before proceeding with the booking. Our local property managers have up-to-date news on the status of the roads, the existence of shortcuts, and other route-related information to help you choose the best place for your stay.

29) If some of the tenants in your group or party decide not to check-in for any reason (anytime between the time of booking and the arrival day), we cannot necessarily offer a partial refund or discount on the total booking price.

30) If you wish to organise any event at the property (including parties), prior authorization needs to be agreed with the property owner or local property manager. Tenants are not allowed to organise and book other agencies e.g. catering companies and allow them into the property or on site without prior authorization and agreement.

31) Local town councils usually charge a tourist tax per adult per night. The costs will be stated in the booking details at the time of booking and written on your confirmation voucher. However, these costs are subject to change, without notice, if the council decides to make alterations.

32) The first supply of bed linen, bath towels and toilet rolls will be provided. Extras are available on request for additional costs.



All properties follow a rigorous set of cleaning standards which includes:

  • Sanitising all surfaces using approved products
  • Thoroughly cleaning all rooms
  • Washing all linen and towels at high temperatures
  • Following all local guidance
  • Complying with local laws, including any additional safety or cleaning guidelines

    Government advice:

    Please check the relevant Government’s advice for the latest travel information. Many countries issue new restrictions on travel and lodgings each day. Before you travel, please check the latest advice from the Italian government and the Campania region’s local government

    The owner or local agent may refuse entrance to the property if one of the following occurs:

    1) The damage/breakages deposit (where applicable) is not paid in cash Euros on arrival.

    2) The arrival time is not respected and the owner or local agent has not been informed.

    3) The number of people is over the number specified on the confirmation voucher. If there is space at the property, the owner may allow entry of the additional tenants/guests but there will be extra costs.

    Please Note: These are standard Terms & Conditions which may vary according to your specific booking. Any variations will be stated at the time of booking and supersede the above.

    If necessary, please contact Naples Villas for further clarification of the above website terms and conditions or visit our FAQ