Boat Trips

Boat Trips

Naples Villas recommends that our guests should not to miss the opportunity of renting one of our private boats to admire the beauty of our land from a different angle.

You can choose a trip to the Isle of Capri, a Mediterranean jewel with its several caves (the Blue Grotto, the White Grotto and the Green Grotto) and the characteristic Faraglioni rocks.

Alternatively, you can take a trip along the Amalfi coastline to visit the small, pretty villages of Positano and Amalfi or you can spend a day around the Isle of Ischia with its several spa facilities.

The Sorrento coast, furthermore, offers hidden treasures and small, breathtaking corners that you can only access by boat.

With a private boat trip, you can really tailor make your day! You can go at any time during the day, you can stop anywhere to enjoy a swim or perhaps eat lunch in one of the several fish restaurants located along our coast. Or, if you prefer, you could organize your lunch directly on the boat.

We can offer a wide variety of boats from a typical slow Sorrentine wooden boat (gozzo) to a very fast motorboat.

We can also offer a sailing boat. All our boats have a sailor; wine and drinks are included. For availability and prices, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. Find out more here...

Wine Tour

Wine Tours

The presence of a volcano, with its several eruptions, has made our area a very fertile one due to the minerals (especially iron and sulphur), well known for the cultivation of vineyards. The very high percentage of these minerals, combined with typical southern Mediterranean climatic conditions, have made the Campania region very famous for wine production since Greek times.

The most famous white wines, which beautifully accompany our large selection of fish dishes, are Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Falanghina; the most famous red are Aglianico, Taurasi, Piedirosso and Lacryma Christi to match, of course, our meat specialities such sorrentine sausages or local mixed grilled meats.

Naples Villas recommend a wine tour in one of the best wineries of our region: an expert of the area will explain everything to you about the wine production. Our expert will take you directly to a vineyard, show you the cellars and give you the opportunity of tasting the different wines coupled with the right food. Transportation to and from the wineries, sometimes are located over one hour away, is also provided. Find out more here...



Naples Villas is highly experienced in organizing excursions in the entire sorrentine area. We organize trips with a local guide, if necessary, to the following sites:

1) Amalfi Coast: the most enchanting and most visited route in Italy, starting from Sorrento as far as Positano, a village clambering down a vertiginous slope to the sea; further on, Praiano is just as fashionable and then Amalfi, a splendid town that was once a maritime republic, with its wonderful 9th century main cathedral; finally Ravello with its breathtaking views of the bay.

2) Naples city tour: the capital of the Campania region is one of the few European cities of the ancient world that has never been completely extinguished. Founded by the Greeks six centuries before Christ, it was embellished and enlarged by the Romans. There you can admire old churches, castles, medieval buildings and Barocco fountains. together with a bustling city centre and the largest port in Italy. A visit to the National Archeological Museum is highly recommended.

3) Pompeii and Herculaneum: two roman holiday resorts completely destroyed by an eruption of Vesuvius that took place in the year 79 AD; nowadays, after years of excavations, two of the most interesting archaeological areas in the world are at disposal of our tourists for an unforgettable guided tour.

4) Isle of Capri: with the blue grotto and its cobalt blue waters, it is doubtless a place not to miss during a stay in the Sorrento area: it is really a Mediterranean jewel.

5) Isle of Ischia: the largest island of the bay of Naples, with its beach resort, thermal springs and therapeutic sands, is nearly as popular as its more glamorous neighbour Capri.

Naples Villas can also arrange, on request, any other kind of excursion with or without a local guide. Please enquire for availability and prices. Find out more here...

Mozzarella Tasting

Mozzarella Testing

A true speciality of the Sorrento area is doubtless mozzarella cheese. Used in the recipes of most of our specialities such as gnocchi alla sorrentina, pizza and cannelloni, mozzarella is considered one of the most important ingredients of our cuisine.

The ancient recipe of mozzarella teaches us that this traditional cheese was originally made out of buffalo milk and only later, due to its popularity increasing year by year, the farmers started to produce mozzarella out of cow’s milk as well.

Naples Villas recommend spending a couple of hours in a cheese factory on a “mozzarella cheese guided tour”; experts in the sector will show you how to produce our cheese and will, of course, give you the opportunity of tasting classical mozzarella and also “Treccia sorrentina”, Caciocavallo”, “Provolone del Monaco”, “Ricotta cheese” ......

Our “mozzarella experts” will explain, step by step, the process of cheese making and will involve you in the production, if you wish! Find out more here...

Limoncello Tasting

Limoncello Tasting

The most typical liquor of Sorrento is limoncello, made from our golden lemons. To produce limoncello, simply leave lemon skins to soak in pure alcohol for a day or two and then add the right dosage of water and sugar.

Limoncello was considered to be a digestive liquor, but in the past few years its popularity has increased so much that now limoncello can be drunk at any time during the day. You can even add it to a gin and tonic to make it stronger!!

If you would like to learn more about limoncello, please ask our staff and we will organize a short visit to a local factory where you will also have a chance to taste this famous drink, which is now exported all over the world. Find out more here...



Naples Villas organizes diving excursions and offers PADI courses. We will teach you how to breathe underwater and become a scuba diver. You can get here your open water diver certificate or you can take a course in any other level.

A Marine biology course or special dives are also available. Once a week, we organize a night dive to discover the underwater world.

We dive every day along the Sorrento or Amalfi coastline: dives are available in Capri, Ischia, Procida, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Li Galli Islands and more. We are also authorized to dive in the Protected Marine Park of Punta Campanella. For availability and prices, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. Find out more here...

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