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Chauffeur service
If you require guided tours of any other places you are visiting, please email us with the dates on which you would like the tour, the number in your group and how long you would like the tour to last. Email us here and we'll send a quote for the excursions with a local guide along Amalfi coast and Sorrento Riviera. Excursions and Guided Tours

From Naples & Sorrento Docks
Lunch is included in one of the best family places in Positano (Amalfi coast). We meet you at port at 8, 00 am (suggested time), we drive by the feet of the volcano (Mount Vesuvius)... This tour is designed, for those guests that they would like to have a little test of everything in one day. 

Sorrento – Positano – Pompeii / From Naples Port
Lunch is included in one of the best family place in Positano. Licensed guide for 2 hours tour of Pompeii is included. Entrance fee for the ruins of Pompeii are included. Everything in one day .

Eating Out
There are many fantastic places to eat out in the Bay of Naples. You can enjoy a pizza and an Italian beer or glass of wine for less than £10 a head. Alternatively, you can experience the delicious, freshly caught seafood and more up market restaurants, which offer a range of pasta and seafood specialities. Please email us for specific restaurant recommendations in the places you are staying and visiting 

Average monthly temperature in Degrees Celsius:
September - 25
October - 20
May - 20
June - 25
July - 30
August - 30

Local Produce
Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are well known for large, magnificent citrus. A variety of goods are produced with these limoni, such as Limoncello, a lemon liqueur and lemon soap. The region is famous for its hand-crafted inlaid wood furniture, music boxes and artefacts. Also hand-made leather shoes, jewellery and ceramics are very popular. Shopping

Via Toledo is Naples’s mainstream shopping high street. Chiaia and Piazza dei Martiri is the place to go for more boutique designer labels. Via Port d’Alba and via dei Tribunali are lined with junk stalls and booksellers. For a true Napoli-style shopping experience head to Porto Nolana for the daily fish market. Thermal baths and relaxation

'SCRAJO Terme-Center Comfort' is located near Vico Equense there are thermal baths with sulphuric springs, rich in therapeutic qualities.

You can also admire antique shops in Vico Equense, Sorrento and the surrounding area. Italians have been trading in antiques for centuries.

Italy is most famous for its pizza and it is impossible to visit Italy without eating a pizza, after all pizza was invented and trasformed in Naples! Pizza are cooked in bread ovens and are fed firewood to reach a high temperature which cooks the pizza quickly and perfectly, with the oven enhancing its flavour. You can order pizzas by the metre, half metre, a 'calzone' (folded in half and sealed around the edges) or a traditional round pizza with any topping of your choice. It is reasonably priced in most areas and is garanteed not to disappoint. Cheese, of all varieties, is hand made by dairymen who have the secrets of the trade handed down generation after generation throughout the region of 'Campania'.

Mozzarella is probably the most famous and is used on most pizzas, but 'provolone', 'caciocavello' and 'ricotta' are all well worth tasting. Seafood is served fresh in most restaurants or can be bought from the local markets and fish shops. Arguably some of the best wines come from Italian grapes. In Italy you can enjoy your favourite Italian wines for much less than you would pay elsewhere.

Emergency Numbers

The Pan-European emergency SOS number is 112. It works in any EU country from any telephone, and it's also the number to call for any emergency services when using a mobile telephone. The operator can put you in contact with the required emergency service. The call is free from any phone (mobile or landline).

Free Call Numbers (Numero Verde)
These national emergency numbers can be reached from pay phones, without the use of a phone card or money:
National Police (Carabineri) 112
Local Police 113
General Emergency (Soccorso pubblico di emergenza) 113
Ambulance/Medical Emergencies (Pronto Soccorso) 118
Emergency Doctors (Medici Volanti) 7733
Fire Brigade (Vigili del fuoco) 115
Sea Rescue (Emergenza in mare) 1530
Forest Fire (Incendio boschivo) 1515
Car Breakdown Assistance (Socorso Stradale) 116
Guardia di Finanza (Italian Customs/Financial/Border Police) 117
Pan-European Emergencies 112